The Box and Box L models are ideal designs for the different requirements of many industries. The StreetScooter Pure model offers even more, maximum flexibility with its “pure” ready-for-use chassis.


An overview of the extraordinary features of the StreetScooter WORK

Lower operating and maintenance costs

What makes the StreetScooter WORK impressive is not just the low operating and maintenance costs. Its design is also impressively cost-saving compared with other electric light utility vehicles.

The hood, the doors, the bumpers and the roof are made of a solid color synthetic shell. As a result, the StreetScooter body elements are scratch resistant, heavy-duty and cost-effective. They can also be quickly swapped out. That reduces repair costs and downtimes to a minimum.

The black door guards affixed to the side doors help prevent damage to the body and reduce costs should actual repairs become necessary.

The bumpers (1-3) adhere to the same principle and consist of three separate synthetic pieces. Thanks to this segmented design, the entire bumper does not necessarily have to be replaced if there is Damage.

Neatly arranged cockpit

At StreetScooter, functionality is always a top priority: Thanks to a tidy and neatly arranged “cockpit”, drivers can give full concentration to traffic safety and their work.

The cab’s interior features and ergonomic design offer a raised seating position with space for two people, and were specially conceived to meet the requirements of trade professionals. The side bolster of the driver’s seat has been optimally positioned for perfect entry and exit of the vehicle. The cab thus efficiently supports the work processes of StreetScooter users.

Thanks to standard features like heated seats, a front windshield defroster and heated exterior mirrors, the StreetScooter WORK offers premium amenities.


The Smartphone can be easily connected via Bluetooth with the StreetScooter infotainment and navigation system (including a hands-free set). Selecting music, making and receiving calls or messages – the voice command system makes all of that easy. In addition, this StreetScooter model features a backup camera and 6 inch display screen, offering the best all-around vision of its class.

Mobile workplace

Turn your StreetScooter into your mobile workspace. Storage compartments in the central console and separating wall offer plenty of space for an organized workflow.

Driving modes

Three different driving modes can be selected for maximizing range. The StreetScooter has both a standard driving mode and an eco-mode. By reducing engine performance, you can proactively influence the range and maximize it simultaneously.


With the help of state-of-the-art technology, such as the Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS), an automatic emergency call system (eCall) and a standard driver and passenger airbag, we make our contribution to road safety.



StreetScooter WORK Box

The StreetScooter WORK Box comes standard with two sliding doors, a hatchback and vertical door handles with a perfect ergonomic design. The vertical positioning allows for natural movements of the wrist when opening the sliding doors. These types of clever functional choices facilitate your work processes optimally to make loading and unloading as efficient and easy on the body as possible.

Innenaufnahme der WORK Box mit LED-Licht und Bewegungsmeldern

Another important StreetScooter advantage is the standard non-slip floor. This vehicle section was designed on the basis of numerous tests conducted by Deutsche Post to improve load securing of parcels so that your loads stay safely in place.

The StreetScooter is energy-efficient both outside and inside. The lighting built into the cargo space consists of a number of energy-saving LED lights that are linked to a motion detector.

That means you always have a well-illuminated interior whenever you need it.

The box body of all StreetScooter WORK models is positioned higher than the wheel wells. As a result, the floor of the box body, is flat from corner to corner and the vehicle’s cargo space can be fully utilized. Thanks to a generous payload , the StreetScooter outstrips the competition – and does it with no carbon emissions!

Got some pretty big jobs that need even bigger cargo spaces? Then come take a look at the StreetScooter WORK L. This model scores points with a cargo space that’s twice the size.

If you want to have a look at our tailored solutions for the WORK Box click here.



StreetScooter WORK Pure

Maximum flexibility for maximum individuality; that’s the principle underlying the tailored solutions of the WORK Pure. Together with our partners, we have developed a variety of body variants for different applications. The cab of the WORK Pure offers sufficient space for 2 persons as well as the pragmatic ergonomics of all our StreetScooter models.

We collaborate with various body manufacturing partners depending on the industry. Our StreetScooter dealers can help you decide which choices are right for you.

The StreetScooter WORK Pure is also available with a longer chassis, as the StreetScooter WORK L Pure.

Technische Daten

Technical data

StreetScooter WORK

Engine type: Electric engine
Permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)
Gear box
Single stage differential gearbox
Front-wheel drive
Peak power
68 kW (92 HP)
Maximum torque
205 Nm
Top speed
120 km/h
CO2 emissions
Efficiency rating
Lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity
43,4 kWh
AC charging system
Type 2 (Three-phase, 11kW)
Length / width / height
4.695 mm / 1.928 mm / 2.085 mm
Total width including exterior mirrors
2.087 mm
Permissible total weight ³
2.850 kg
Total vehicle load capacity ³
4,0 m³
Length / width / height
4.682 mm / 1.796 mm / 1.997 mm
Total width excluding exterior mirrors
2.087 mm
Cargo space, length
Cargo space, width
Cargo space, height
Loading edge
Permissible total weight ³
2.850 kg
Unladen weight ³
1.280 kg / 1.566 kg ²
Payload ³
900 kg / 765 kg ²
Total vehicle load capacity ³


  • Image Flyer 2019/ 2020
  • StreetScooter WORK & WORK L Rettungsdatenblätter
  • 1Die angegebene Reichweite wurde nach NEFZ ermittelt. Die tatsächliche Reichweite ist abhängig von unterschiedlichen Faktoren, wie persönlichem Fahrstil, Geschwindigkeit, Streckenbeschaffenheit, Zuladung, Außentemperatur und Nutzungsgrad elektrischer Verbraucher. Zugunsten einer maximalen Reichweite sollten diese Faktoren berücksichtigt werden, soweit vom Fahrer beeinflussbar.
  • 2Angaben für den WORK mit 40 kWh Batterie
  • 3Die Angaben zu Maße und Gewichte können auf Grund von Ausstattungen abweichen. Alle Gewichtsangaben beziehen sich auf das Fahrzeug im fahrbereiten Zustand inkl. Fahrer (75 kg) und Flüssigkeiten.
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