Conversion solutions

Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance conversions

Compartment and shelving systems, underfloor drawers or full extension drawer systems in the cargo area, and load securing using different securing rails. Upon request, the StreetScooter WORK can be converted into a universal tool for service and installation/assembly jobs.

Diverse elements for partitioning the cargo area, a robust floorboard with a non-slip surface and a range of drawer units. That is the StreetScooter WORK “toolbox” body – the home on wheels for all your tools. Upon request, the load securing rails embedded in the floor offer various options for securing loads.

For more information of the BOTT conversions click here.

For the StreetScooter WORK and WORK L models, Sortimo offers numerous solutions for shelving systems, large capacity drawers and equipment combinations dedicated to the concept of load securing. With so many options, the Sortimo StreetScooter body is the perfect organized mobile workspace.

For more information of the SORTIMO conversions click here.

Municipality & Landscaping

Municipality & Landscaping conversions

The StreetScooter Pickup model gives you the opportunity to make individual design decisions together with our expansion/conversion partners to create a vehicle perfect for your needs and daily challenges.

Working together with Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH, the E-VADE Company will modify our StreetScooter models to fit your needs with individual body design solutions for municipalities and companies.

For more information of the E-VADE conversions click here.

The Schutz Fahrzeugbau Company offers a variety of different bodies for your StreetScooter. From StreetScooter configurations suitable for municipalities to concepts for horticulturists, everything is geared toward meeting your individual transport needs.

For more information of the SCHUTZ conversions click here.

The Schoon Fahrzeugsysteme Company is your reliable partner in northern regions for practical electric vehicle solutions to meet municipal requirements – or for the purchase of finished vehicles. Discover the range of attractive Schoon products suitable for use with the basic StreetScooter vehicle.

For more information of the SCHOON conversions click here.

In the eastern part of Germany, we here at StreetScooter work together with KUNATH Fahrzeugbau to create body and expansion concepts for our pickup models.

For more information of the KUNATH conversions click here.

Refridgerated Transport

Fridge conversions

A StreetScooter equipped with a cooling system is ideal for a variety of industries. From catering to culinary establishments to butcher shops and pharmaceutical delivery services, the StreetScooter is the optimal tool.

The KRESS CoolerBox2.0 refrigerated truck body solution will enable you to deliver high quality products quickly, quietly and eco-friendly even in cramped city center areas and underground garages. It also offers a payload capacity of ca. 600 kg and a range of approximately 100 km. Everything is 100% electric thanks to the StreetScooter WORK refrigerated truck body solution.

For more information of the KRESS conversions click here.

Tradition meets the future. Cold chain customers can put their trust in the combination of proven refrigerated truck technology and the StreetScooter WORK.

Thanks to the Wilke Fahrzeugbau Company, the first passively cooled and 100% electric utility vehicle in Germany has been put to successful use for more than a year now by Deutsche See. And they have made an important contribution to the zero-emissions delivery of food items.

For more information of the KRESS conversions click here.

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