Driven by innovation

At StreetScooter we have one goal: Improving the operational work processes of our customers with sustainable mobility solutions. It’s in our DNA – from the very start! The first StreetScooter model was developed from the ground up as a customized tool for the delivery operations of Deutsche Post. And nothing’s changed. Our laser focus on customers has guided the development of all of our StreetScooter models.

The result is a plurality of tailored industry solutions based on our zero emissions vehicle. Our current family of models includes electric light utility vehicles and cargo Pedelecs of different sizes, all of which are manufactured at our Aachen and Düren locations with state-of-the-art production technology.

Our roots lie in institutes of RWTH Aachen, an elite German University of Excellence. Even then, we had the drive to transform bold ideas into realities more quickly, systematically and sustainably than others. Today, the company is the market leader for electric light utility vehicles, having already sold more than 12,000 StreetScooters.

Our customers in handicraft businesses, large fleet companies and municipalities value our robust, reliable and cost-effective “tools on wheels”. Made for work. Built for you.



How StreetScooter hit the street

  • 2010 – Founding
  • 2011 – Presentation of “COMPACT” prototype
  • 2012 – Presentation of “WORK” prototype
  • 2013 – Pre-production series testing & issuance of operating license
  • 2014 – Nationwide test of 150 vehicles. StreetScooter GmbH becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of DPDHL Group
  • 2015 – Official start of serial production
  • 2016 – Significant production gains as well as new variants and models
  • 2017 – Entry into third-party sales and acquisition of an important new sales channel. First individual StreetScooters for third-party customers
  • 2018 – Opening of second production site in Düren
  • 2018 – Start of serial production of the new WORK XL model
Key facts
Number of StreetScooters at Deutsche Post
Number of Streetscooter E-Bikes and E-Trikes
CO2 savings per year
36,200 t
Kilometers driven
94,000,000 km

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