The steady growth in parcel volumes requires intelligent logistics solutions. Thanks to the assistance system, there is less damage, lower noise emissions, and shorter processing times, even with inexperienced drivers.

There is no need to adapt the logistics yard infrastructure. Even under harsh weather conditions and darkness, the driver finds the destination precisely thanks to laser-assisted container and gate detections.

The aim of StreetScooter is to develop technologies that simplify and make logistics processes more efficient. AMPS is the ideal support for more quality, higher security and transparency in your logistics process adaptable for multiple kinds of vehicles.

Order Management

An order is assigned to the driver via the integrated yard logistics system. After confirmation, the driver is guided to the goal container using a digital map and navigation system. The placement of an order is completely integrated into the assistance system. The communication between order control and the driver is clear and transparent, which increases process reliability.

Approach to the Container

Thanks to the integrated yard logistics system, the driver always finds the correct container or gate safely.

For the container at the destination, the vehicle is automatically guided beneath the container with centimeter-level precision. Supported by the visual augmentation of the track path and the selected container, the driver retains a full overview during the manoeuvering.

At the Loading Dock

When approaching the loading gate, the automation reliably guides the vehicle to the gate. Loading ramps can be precisely approached with an accuracy of a few centimeters. New loading positions can be completely re-measured or corrected by a driver in just a few minutes.

Easy to customize by modular in house system design

High reliability by

data-driven engineering

Agile development for customer orientated prototyping and product design

Autonomous lateral and manual longitudinal
Trailer, container, loading docks and vehicle
Loading Dock and Container Detection
LiDAR based without artifical landmarks
Fusion of LiDAR, GNSS, IMU and encoder
Planning and Control
Every manouver achievable by the vehicle
Graphical User Interface
Video based augmented reality
Acoustical User Interface
LiDAR based distance feedback
Robotic Framework
Robot Operating System (ROS)
Safety concept developed with IFA
Operational Approval
Tested on German DPDHL Yard
Operational Range
5 m to 30 m
Operation Environment
All-day outdoor and indoor
Light Conditions
Complete darkness or direct sunlight
Angular Precision
0.17 °
Lateral Precision
< 3 cm
Backward Maneuvering speed
< 10 km/h
Max. Slope
2.5 %
Temperature Range
-20°C to +45°C


  • Assisted Maneuvering and Positioning System
  • Columbus Localisation System

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