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Service hotline

If you have technical questions or problems, repair queries or have had a vehicle breakdown, we are ready to help

Do you already drive a StreetScooter but have technical questions or need help with a technical issue? Call our Support Hotline at +49 (0)800 787 4968 (+49 (0)800 StS 4YOU).1 Our support specialists will be happy to assist you or put you in contact with one of our specially trained service partners. If you’ve had a breakdown, participating service partners will help you directly on-site or have a towing service take your vehicle to the nearest service location.2

Maintenance network

Best service from our partners – more than 450 of them in Germany

With over 450 service partners, we offer a competent network of maintenance and repair specialists across Germany. Our service partner technicians have not only received additional training that qualifies them for work on electric vehicles, they’ve also been specially trained to conduct repairs on all our StreetScooter models.

Battery warranty

Guaranteed performance for your high volt battery

To ensure you stay mobile, we warrant our high volt batteries for the first 72 months or 120,000 kilometers.3 In case of technical defect or degrade of capacity to below 70% of the battery’s original capacity upon delivery of the vehicle, we will repair the battery at no charge or replace it.

The conditions of the “Warranty for deep-cycle batteries” apply.

Cost advantage

Your StreetScooter – robust and repair-friendly

Minor damage or even an accident can happen quickly when you operate a light utility vehicle. With its robust design, your StreetScooter is tough enough to handle your everyday challenges. In addition, the vehicles are built with a low number of parts subject to faster wear-and-tear. That means the costs for maintenance, wear-and-tear, and repairs are considerably lower than those for a comparable combustion engine vehicle.

The hood, the doors, the bumpers and the roof are made of a solid color synthetic shell. As a result, the StreetScooter body elements are scratch resistant and heavy-duty. They can also be cost-effectively swapped out. That reduces repair costs to a minimum.

The black door guards affixed to the side doors reduce repair costs once again thanks to an easy and economical replacement process.

The bumper consists of three (1-3) separate synthetic pieces, which means you don’t necessarily have to replace the entire bumper if it gets damaged.

  • 1Service hours: Mon. – Fri.: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • 2Only with participating service partners
  • 3The warranty applies to the lithium-ion high volt deep-cycle battery of a factory-new “WORK” or “WORK L” electric vehicle from StreetScooter. The warranty applies to the vehicle’s first 120,000 kilometers and ends, regardless of actual kilometers driven, no later than 6 years after the initial delivery or initial registration of the vehicle whichever comes first.

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