With the right precautions, you’re covered wherever you go

Not every danger on the road can be avoided – but you can be prepared for almost anything.

Allianz is your best partner in road traffic – and ours! They offer attractive and reasonably-priced insurance solutions that protect you and your investments wherever you go.

One reason Allianz rewards our customers with such low premiums? The particularly low costs of repairs when you drive a StreetScooter. Thanks to our clever design and manufacturing materials, those costs are lower than for comparable vehicles.

Benefit from our exclusive insurance offer1

Check out the comprehensive insurance offer and see the benefits for yourself. Then, talk to us and experience firsthand how straightforward and easy coverage can be when you handle it through your local StreetScooter dealer.

Partial coverage:

Your benefits:

  • Coverage against fire, explosion, misappropriation (theft, robbery)
  • Coverage against elemental damage from storms, hail, lightning and flood
  • Coverage against damage caused by gnawing animals (martens)
  • Coverage against collision with animals
  • Coverage against glass breakage
  • Deductible up to €150 with partial coverage

Comprehensive coverage:

Your benefits:

  • Coverage against damage to the vehicle caused by accident – even if you were at fault
  • Coverage against vandalism of the vehicle by third parties
  • Deductible up to €500 with comprehensive coverage


Liability coverage:

Your benefits:

  • Up to €100 million compensation (for damages)
  • Personal injury up to €15 million per injured person

Environmental damage up to €5 million per claim and €10 million per insurance year

  • 1The offer is made in cooperation with Allianz Versicherungs AG.

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