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The most well-known government incentive in the e-mobility sector is probably the environmental subsidy (“Umweltbonus”) offered by the German federal government through its Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA). But there are also additional government incentive programs through the federal government, the states and at the regional level.

These can be utilized by companies, municipal enterprises and municipalities. These government incentive programs can also be combined to some extent.

Our StreetScooter dealers will be happy to explain how all of this works and offer support through professional consultation and submission of subsidy applications.

We’ll compile an individual government incentive package that will make purchasing or leasing a StreetScooter even more attractive.

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There are numerous government incentive schemes that are not widely known and whose application processes are very complex, time consuming and demanding in terms of human resources. In addition, the time frame for submitting the application is frequently quite short.

We’ll help you not only find and combine the right government incentive programs. We will also take over the application process in consultation with you and your StreetScooter dealer.

National funding bodies

Environmental subsidy (“Umweltbonus”) offered by the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA)

With the help of the environmental subsidy, the federal government promotes the rapid propagation of electric vehicles to make a noteworthy contribution toward reducing air pollution.

Important information on the environmental subsidy (“Umweltbonus”)

  • All StreetScooter models can be found on the BAFA list of electric vehicles eligible for subsidization
  • Private persons, companies, foundations, public bodies and associations are eligible to apply
  • Applications can be submitted to BAFA until June 30, 2019
  • To receive the €2,000 subsidy from BAFA, you will be granted a net discount of at least €2,000 from StreetScooter. This will be stated in the purchase agreement
  • You can apply for the environmental subsidy whether you are leasing or purchasing a vehicle
  • The vehicle owner must register and license the StreetScooter in his/her own name for at least 6 months
  • The application must be submitted AFTER the purchase or lease of the vehicle
  • This government incentive can be combined with other national government incentive programs

Additional information can be found on the BAFA website.

Regional funding bodies

Municipal and regional funding bodies also support the purchase of your StreetScooter

Baden-Württemberg e-subsidy (“BW-e-Gutschein”)

The state of Baden-Württemberg subsidizes the purchase of electric vehicles in its own region with its “BW-e-Gutschein”. Trade businesses with delivery operations, municipalities, districts, companies with public transportation service vehicles, care services and social services are eligible to apply. You will need a de-minimis statement for the application. In areas where the nitrogen dioxide threshold has been exceeded you can save a total of €5,000 when you purchase a StreetScooter or €3,000 in other parts of Baden-Württemberg. A maximum of 20 vehicles can be subsidized per applicant. The vehicles must be registered and licensed to the applicant for a minimum of 3 years.

Additional information is available here.

Subsidization of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure for municipalities in North Rhine Westphalia

Are you a municipality in North Rhine Westphalia and would like to convert your fleet to electric vehicles? Take advantage of the NRW government incentives program:

Cities, communities and districts in North Rhine Westphalia in areas that are not receiving state aid and do not conduct business operations are eligible to apply. The subsidy for vehicles is up to 40% of the purchase price. In addition to the purchasing of electric vehicle, NRW also subsidizes up to 80% of installation costs for the charging infrastructure. Please note that NRW only supports the purchase and not the lease of e-vehicles, and the vehicles must be licensed and registered to the vehicle owner for at least 5 years. Application must be submitted and approval granted before the vehicle purchase.  Additional information on the government incentives scheme can be found on the NRW website.

Subsidization of e-mobility for municipalities in Thuringia

Are you a municipality in Thuringia and would like to convert your vehicle fleet to electric vehicles? Take advantage of the government incentives program of the state of Thuringia. Any municipality in the Free State of Thuringia that submits an application by December 31, 2019, is eligible for the subsidy. Government incentives of 30%-40% of the purchase price are possible for vehicles and charging infrastructure. Please note that subsidies are awarded only for the purchase and not the lease of e-vehicles and that a vehicle holding period of 5 years is required. Your StreetScooter dealer will be happy to provide you with a professional consultation on government incentives programs. Additional information can be found here.

The subsidization of commercial e-mobility in Berlin

Are you a small or medium-sized enterprise (KMU<sup>1</sup>) or self-employed person with business premises/domiciled in Berlin?

The state of Berlin supports the purchase or lease of commercially used electric vehicles as well as the installation of charging infrastructure in a commercial environment, through December 31, 2019. You can receive a net subsidy of €4,000 for a StreetScooter WORK and €8,000 for a StreetScooter WORK L. Charging infrastructure can also receive support from the state of Berlin (up 50% of total costs). Applicants must submit a de-minimis statement to be approved for the subsidy. The charging station must be installed in the Berlin region and be supplied with electricity from renewable sources.

Additional information can be found here.

E-mobility government incentives scheme: “Regensburg-effizient”

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a commercial enterprise or are you a recognized non-profit organization or a self-employed person domiciled in Regensburg?

The City of Regensburg has been supporting the purchase or lease of electric vehicles since June 1, 2018. You can receive subsidies of €4,000 per electric vehicle. A total of three subsidies are available per applicant. For an application to be eligible for approval, a significant proportion of vehicle trips must be made in the City of Regensburg for three years following approval. Applicants must also submit a de-minimis statement.

Additional information can be found here.

Frequently asked questions


Where can I apply for the subsidy?

The contact points vary by government incentive program. Our dealers are knowledgeable about the various incentive options and will be happy to help you with the application.

What documents do I need for the application?

Normally, you only need to submit information about the company or municipality, the desired vehicle (technical specifications and price) and the quantity. You will have to submit invoices as proof of purchase following approval to receive funding. You may also be required to submit the registration/licensing documents as a scan.

Does the subsidy application have to be submitted before purchase of the vehicle?

That varies according to government incentives program. In many cases, the application must be submitted before vehicle purchase or lease. The purchase/lease agreement is then signed only after approval of the application by the funding body. For some programs, e.g. the environmental subsidy (“Umweltbonus”) and the Baden-Württemberg e-subsidy (“BW-e Gutschein”), the application is submitted after conclusion of the purchase/lease agreement.

Which models are eligible for subsidies? Are vehicles with special bodies such as the three-way dumper subsidized?

Many programs – e.g. the E-mobility for Municipalities in NRW (“Elektromobilität für Kommunen in NRW”), the Baden-Württemberg e-subsidy (“BW-e-Gutschein”) and Economy-oriented E-Mobility Berlin (“Wirtschaftsnahe Elektromobilität Berlin”) – offer subsidies for all StreetScooter variants. For the environmental subsidy (“Umweltbonus”), please visit the BAFA website for a list of eligible vehicles.

Are subsidies available for charging infrastructure?

You can apply for subsidization that includes charging infrastructure from the following programs: E-mobility for Municipalities in NRW (“Elektromobilität für Kommunen in NRW”) and Economy-oriented E-Mobility Berlin (“Wirtschaftsnahe Elektromobilität Berlin”). That’s not true for all government incentives programs, however. At the federal and state levels, there are always programs that support charging infrastructure or that are designed specifically for it.

Are there government incentives programs specifically for municipalities?

Some programs are tailored specifically to the needs of municipalities. See, for example, E-mobility for Municipalities in NRW (“Elektromobilität für Kommunen in NRW”) and E-Mobil Invest in Thuringia.

Can the BAFA environmental subsidy (“Umweltbonus”) also be used for vehicle leasing?

Lessees are eligible to apply and can apply for the state share of €2,000 from BAFA.

Can municipalities apply for the BAFA environmental subsidy (“Umweltbonus”)?

Municipalities can apply for the BAFA environmental subsidy if they have a legal person who is NOT the municipality. Municipalities without their own legal person are not eligible to apply.

With regard to the E-mobility for Municipalities in NRW (“Elektromobilität für Kommunen in NRW”): What is meant by the phrase earmarked for “federal, state, or municipal tasks and services” (“hoheitliche Aufgaben”)?

The phrase is meant to indicate activities performed in non-business areas.

Are applications prioritized according to applicant?

Most government incentive programs do prioritize but it varies widely. Possible priorities: Cost-effectiveness/profitability (e.g. order volume), initial application, municipality or private company.

What does “holding period” mean?

The time that the subsidized vehicle is at least registered and licensed to the applicant. This varies according to the different government incentives program. For the BAFA environmental subsidy (“Umweltbonus”), the holding period is six months. For E-mobility for Municipalities in NRW (“Elektromobilität für Kommunen in NRW”) and E-Mobil Invest in Thuringia, the holding period is 5 years.

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