Charging systems


AC-charging system

Generally a StreetScooter is charged with AC electricity, i.e. with alternating current. Charging your vehicle in and of itself is easy and convenient: Plug in the power cable, lock up your vehicle to secure the cable and start the charging process. Today, the plugs for charging electric vehicles have become standardized in Europe. A type 2 plug is used for normal charging with alternating current (AC charging). The on-board charging unit converts the alternating current into direct current.

Our StreetScooter models have a type 2 AC charging connector with 12 A (230 V) built in as a standard feature.


Charging cable

To be prepared for all eventualities, we deliver a so-called “emergency charging cable” factory made with each StreetScooter: the Level 2 EVSE charging cable. For the most part, residential electrical systems are not designed for a continuous load, making it necessary for an in-cable control box (ICCB) to take over the safety and communications functions during direct connection to the power supply.


StreetScooter Ladeinfrastruktur

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